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Manually Define Screens / Some Screens are Missing

Appsee's SDK automatically detects and tags Activities (Android) / viewControllers (iOS) as screens.
How do you know if you need to split / manually define screens?
Watch some videos and if you see that the screen on the video player has changed, while on the timeline data of the session a new screen has not been denoted - this is a place to explicitly tell Appsee to start a new screen by using the startScreen API call.

If you are using any other logical component such as "fragments" for your screens we recommend you explicitly tag them by using the startScreen API call. Please note that once the manually-tagged screen is no longer displayed, you will need to explicitly tag the screen that then appears, even if it was automatically recognized.

For example, when clicking on a button on screen A (which is a viewController, so it was automatically recognized) a new screen (B) is displayed (which is a fragment, which is not automatically recognized). You will need to add in your code "on button tap, appsee.startScreen("B")". When screen B closes, you will need to tag screen (A) - "on fragment close, appsee.startScreen("A")". Please note that the name of the screen you return to (A) must be the same as it appears in your code (i.e "on fragment close, appsee.startScreen("VC_A")" as Appsee trims common prefixes and suffixes from viewControllers and Activities. Please note that if you navigate from the manually tagged screen "B" to a screen that was automatically recognized ("C" viewController) there's no need to explicitly tag it, you only need to tag "A" when returning to it from one of the screens that you've manually defined.

PS - See this article if you need to rename / join / ignore screens.

Mark the appearance starting time of a new screen. This method should be usually called from the viewDidAppear: method.
screenName : The name of the screen (ie: "WelcomeScreen"). 

Note: Screen name should not exceed 256 UTF-8 bytes.
Code Example:
[Appsee startScreen:@"MyScreen"];
void startScreen(String screenName)
Mark the appearance starting time of a new screen. This method should be usually called from the activity's onResume() method.
screenName : The name of the screen (ie: "WelcomeScreen"). 

Note: Screen name should not exceed 256 UTF-8 bytes.
Code Example:
For more information, please see our Documentation.

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