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Why can't I see a crashed session in Appsee, if I see it in Crashlytics?

There are a few possible reasons why you may be encountering a “404 Not Found” when navigating to the session link from a Crashlytics crash:

  1. The most common reason is if you haven’t integrated both Appsee and Crashlytics through Fabric, but rather implemented each SDK separately.
    Integration instructions available here.
  2. Second most common reason is that a session did not finish being uploaded, most likely due to connectivity issues. It may appear the next time the user opens the app.
  3. A more rare reason is if the crash is a “Mach Exception” which is a crash type that Appsee currently does not handle. In this case we let the primary crash handler (in this case - Crashlytics) handle the crash

If you have experienced this behavior in a link from a crash that is not from either of the aforementioned reasons, please contact support.

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