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Some of the screen names are unclear - probably function names of the code. How can I change this?

Appsee captures screens as viewControllers in iOS and Activity in Andriod. Sometimes, the names of the viewControllers/Activities are not set correctly in the code or are obfuscated with ProGuard (Android). If you use ProGuard, please refer to this article first.

There are a few ways to fix the issue:

1. Provide meaningful names to your viewControllers/Activities in your code. These changes will reflect on the next version you release with Appsee's SDK.

2. Rename the screen names from the UI: go to UI Analysis >  Screens > The screen name will be on the top left corner, with a pencil icon for editing.

The change is cross-system in Appsee, will have no effect on your app's code, and will remain consistent for your future releases if the renamed screen does not change.

3. Utilize the onAppseeScreenDetected notification to rename your screens from within your code (iOS/Android).

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