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How does Appsee detect screens and popups?


viewController - Tagged automatically as screens
AlertController - Tagged automatically popups and menus (by preferred type)


Activity - Tagged automatically as screens
AlertDialog - Tagged automatically as popups and menus (visible ListView that is scrollable is a Popup, otherwise it's a Menu )

The screen's display name is captured from your app's code* and can be edited via the Screen section of the web dashboard (No coding required).

Once the display name has been updated it will persist across all other modules (single session timeline, funnels etc) and across all versions of your app as long as the original logical component's name remains the same.

It is also possible to manually tag screens in your app's code using the "startScreen" API call. Please review Appsee's API reference for technical documentation on this call under Setting Application Screens.

* common prefix and suffix like "VC" are truncated

For more information about handling Screens in Appsee, see Screen related articles in the knowledge-base.



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