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What types of data does Appsee capture?

What Customer interactions are captured?


  • Device hardware type
  • Device locale
  • Device operating system
  • App version
  • Network connectivity (WiFi / Cellular)
  • Appsee internal user ID (sequential ID)
  • Session start time
  • Session duration
  • Sessions location (country + city, determined from the IP address but the IP is not stored / saved)
  • Names of visited screens
  • User actions (button clicks, list selections)
  • Custom actions
  • Location of every gesture (excluding keyboard taps).
  • Crash information (if relevant)
  • Toasts


We automatically tag ViewControllers in iOS and Activities in Android as screens, AlertController in iOS as popups and menus (by preferred type) and AlertDialog in Android (with a visible ListView that is not scrollable is a menu otherwise it's a popup​). We also automatically tag and label each button tap, list selection, input field edits and all other user actions. 

Manual tagging is also possible using our various SDK methods: see more info here


*Tag sessions with your Custom User ID to cross reference tagging with other sources, resolve disputes and provide support.


*Tag GPS base location tagging to get a deeper understanding of the context in which your app was used.


*Tag Custom events such as purchasing, sharing ,rating etc. to monitor desired and unfavorable user behavior. 

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